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jON FAVREAU,star wars, executive producer, writer, crew, live-action, tv series, star wars, the action pixel, entertainment on tap
Dulani Wilson 8th Mar, 2018 Movie, TV

“Star Wars” has an untitled live-action TV series coming out. And Jon Favreau is at the helm.

Disney + Lucasfilm camp has hit the interweb with some new Star Wars. This time it’s in relation to the …


rampage, poster, 80s,arcade games, video game, big meets bigger, the rock, dwayne johnson, dwayne "the rock" johnson, poster, trailer, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 6th Mar, 2018 Gaming, Movie

“Rampage” razes cities, as well as it release schedule, with a new poster

Dwayne Johnson flexes some muscle alongside some gargantuan skyscraper-tall beasts in a new poster for the 80’s arcade game-inspired movie …


THANOS, trailer ,official trailer, AVENGERS, avengers: infinity war, infinity war, iron man, thor, iron-man, falcon, peter, guardians of the galaxy, doctor strange, black panther, spider man, spider-man, captain america, ant-man, wasp, hawkeye, war machine,
Dulani Wilson 2nd Mar, 2018 Comics, Movie

The countdown to infinity just got drastically shorter with the new release date for “Avengers: Infinity War”

Marvel seems set on capitalising on the success and hype of Black Panther by riding the cat’s tail with the …


kristen wiig, cheetah, wonder woman, wonder woman 2, patty jenkins, wonder woman, cast
Dulani Wilson 1st Mar, 2018 Comics, Movie

“Wonder Woman 2” has ‘spotted’ their villain. And Kristen Wiig will be playing her

  Things seem to be gearing up, as news that the sequel to Wonder Woman will film this Summer.Not only …


batgirl, dc comics, barbara gordon, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 22nd Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Batgirl’s wings clipped? Director Joss Whedon departs from the upcoming DC Comics + WB film

The DCU seemingly cannot catch a break. Joss Whedon, who has been particularly hyped about directing the upcoming Batgirl film, …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Black Panther”

Marvel Studios has been at the forefront of the comic book film genre for over a decade. That is a …


pacific rim, John Boyega, poster, pacific rim 2, pacific rim: uprising,uprising, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,GIPSY AVENGER ,BRACER PHOENIX,SABER ATHENA ,TITAN REDEEMER,GUARDIAN BRAVO pacific rim, John Boyega, poster, pacific rim 2, pacific rim: uprising,uprising, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,poster, trailer, trailer tomorrow,trailer 2,
Dulani Wilson 16th Feb, 2018 Movie

“Pacific Rim Uprising” adds grandeur to scale with new IMAX poster and trailer

Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim Uprising IMAX trailer and poster. And as awesome as it seems, that turbine seems like a …


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Dulani Wilson 14th Feb, 2018 Movie

“Solo: A Star Wars Story” brings the old gang and new faces to their new poster

Solo: A Star Wars Story has followed up their recent TV spot, teaser trailer and character posters with an all-new …


deadpool, deadpool 2,deadpool 2, entertainment on tap,deadpool, deadpool 2, marvel, 20th century fox, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,poster,teaser, wet on wet,
Dulani Wilson 13th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Ryan Reynolds offers up a birthday gift for Josh Brolin in the most 4th-wall-breaking Deadpool way

Deadpool’s recent obsession with art can’t be overlooked. From his Wet on Wet promo, his set design in the Cable …


lobo ,michael bay, dc comics, jason fuchs, wb pictures, warner bros entertainment , warner bros,the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 9th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Michael Bay may very well be directing DC’s “Lobo” movie

The Lobo film may have a director attached. Rumours were circulating around earlier across the interweb, but The Hollywood Reporter …


poster, trailer, tom hardy, venom, spider-man, spin-off, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,sony pictures
Dulani Wilson 8th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

“Venom” unleashes its first trailer, and Eddie Brock has caught something nasty…

Venom teased the arrival of something sinister yesterday, and now we have a first look at the teaser trailer for …


David Benioff , game of thrones, star wars, D.B. Weiss, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, disney, lucasfilm, kathleen kennedy,
Dulani Wilson 7th Feb, 2018 Movie

A fleet of new “Star Wars” films have been announced, and the guys behind ‘Game Of Thrones’ are leading the charge

The trajectory of Disney steadily blazes forward with the announcment of new films on the way under the Lucasfilm branch …