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Dulani Wilson 5th Oct, 2016 Comics, Movie

“The Wolverine 3” title gets changed + new poster released

Hugh Jackman teased some big news was coming our way re: The Wolverine 3. And we think this, in part …


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Dulani Wilson 4th Oct, 2016 Comics, Movie

“The Wolverine 3” finished filming; trailer on its way soon?

It is reported that The Wolverine 3 has completed principal photography and a trailer mcould be on its way to …


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Dulani Wilson 3rd Oct, 2016 Comics, Movie

Ben Affleck reveals the title of the coming solo Batman film

Ben Affleck has confirmed recently the new title of the Batman solo film he is set to star and direct …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Oct, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Justice League” filming wrapped in United Kingdom

After the tease via footage from the set of Justice League, it looks like principal photography for the coming DCEU …


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Dulani Wilson 26th Sep, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Batman” solo film comes in “one and a half years”

News comes down from the WB-camp that DC fans won’t have to wait too long to see Ben Affleck’s solo …


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Dulani Wilson 24th Sep, 2016 Movie

New “Power Rangers” poster teases the team’s Zords

A new batch of posters have been released for the coming film reboot of Power Rangers the movie.Have the team …


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Dulani Wilson 22nd Sep, 2016 Animation, Comics, Movie

“Ghost In The Shell” teaser trailers released

Ghost In The Shell the movie starring Scarlett Johansson has unleashed several visual teasers for the film. The film is …


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Dulani Wilson 15th Sep, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Suicide Squad” spin-off Harley Quinn film is greenlit

It looks like Suicide Squad pressed the right buttons for WB execs as it is being reported that a Harley …


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Dulani Wilson 15th Sep, 2016 Comics, Movie

First look at Batman for “Justice League”

Zack Snyder, the other of the DCEU musings, has taken to the interweb to give fans a first look at …


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Dulani Wilson 7th Sep, 2016 Gaming, Movie

“Friday the 13th: The Game” crowdfunding goal achieved; new PAX Trailer released

Gun Media’s Kickstarter for the Friday The 13th: The Game has hit its Kickstarter goal and Jason Voorhees 1-man onslaught …


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Dulani Wilson 5th Sep, 2016 Comics, Movie

Leaked “Spider-Man: Homecoming” image reveals Bokeem Woodbine as Shocker

Remember Netflix’s Fargo series? Of course you do. Well Season 2 offered up one of its most memorable characters played …


black panther,marvel studios, marvel, comics, chadwick boseman, gritty, black panther, movie, entertainment on tap, civil war, captain america
Dulani Wilson 4th Sep, 2016 Comics, Movie

“Black Panther” is set to bring the MCU into darker + grittier milieu

The MCU, even with its moments of slight thrills, has relatively been PG-safe fantasy. But recent descriptions would suggest fans …