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Dulani Wilson 3rd Aug, 2018 Comics, Movie

Director Matt Reeves comes out to clear up “The Batman” + Ben Affleck rumours

After rumours of Ben Affleck leaving The Batman film and the DCEU as a whole resurfaced, we were once again …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Aug, 2018 Animation, Comics, Movie

Miles Morales takes in the mythos of the Spider-Man in new “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” image

Miles Morales stands on the cusp of pure greatness viewing the various suits of the Spider-Man in a new image …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd Aug, 2018 Movie

The New “Terminator” film heralds the return of the mother of all bad-assery – Sarah Connor – in new first look image

Paramount Pictures has released the first look image for the next chapter of the Terminator saga, and it features actor …


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Dulani Wilson 1st Aug, 2018 Comics, Movie, TAP10

#TAP10 | Batfleck Replacements Top Ten List

Rumours of Ben Affleck leaving (a teeter-tottering exercise of inconsistency) the Matt Reeves’ The Batman production.Ben Affleck’s role reprisal of …


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Dulani Wilson 31st Jul, 2018 Comics, Movie

“Venom” trailer 2 brings symbiote against symbiote

If you ever wanted to see multiple symbiotes fight, it seems Sony Pictures’ Venom will have you thoroughly covered. A …


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Dulani Wilson 31st Jul, 2018 Comics, Movie

Ben Affleck is no longer “The Batman”?

The role of Ben Affleck’s Batman in the current DCEU has been plagued with uncertainty, missteps and overall shabbiness to …


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Dulani Wilson 28th Jul, 2018 Movie

“Star Wars: Episode IX” cast announced

Things are escalating in the galaxy far, far away as news of the new cast for the next chapter in …


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Dulani Wilson 23rd Jul, 2018 Animation, Comics, Movie

“Alita: Battle Angel” follows up its teaser with an official trailer

After teasing us with the first looking footage of Alita: Battle Angel, 20th Century Fox anoints fans finally with a …


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Dulani Wilson 21st Jul, 2018 Movie

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” official trailer razes what’s left of human civilization

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros Pictures follows up their first look images with an unveil of their official trailer for …


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Dulani Wilson 21st Jul, 2018 Comics, Movie

Billy Batson is set to zap and fumble his way through self-discovery in the first “Shazam! “trailer

The time has come for Billy Batson to take on the mantle of the Big Red Cheese, as the first …


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Dulani Wilson 21st Jul, 2018 Comics, Movie

DC enters the deep end of the pool unleashing the first ever “Aquaman” trailer

Aquaman‘s first trailer was teased yesterday, and now DC Comics and Wagtner Bros Pictures have kept true to their word. …


Dulani Wilson 20th Jul, 2018 Comics, Movie

James Gunn gets booted from directing “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3” over series of ‘controversial’ tweets

James Gunn, the director of those Marvel films that are arguably among the weakest in Marvel Studios 10-year run –Guardians …