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warmind, destiny 2, expansion ii, launch trailer, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 10th May, 2018 Gaming

“Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind” brings a new survival mode and weapons to boot

Destiny 2 brings its Expansion II with Warmind. And the weapon and mode onslaught is something surely to get you …


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Dulani Wilson 9th May, 2018 Gaming

Treyarch goes cryptic in the teasing of the next wave of the undead for “Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4” – Zombies

It has been a hot minute since Treyarch announced to the word that the coming of the next instalment in …


, avengers, infinity war, avengers: infinity war, infinity gauntlet, infinity stones, infinity gem, thanos, Fortnite, battle royale,
Dulani Wilson 7th May, 2018 Comics, Gaming

There is a Avengers + Fortnite crossover happening, and Thanos brings the stones

Thanos may have changed the Marvel-verse as we know it in Avengers: Infinity War, but the titan is making his …


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Dulani Wilson 2nd May, 2018 Gaming

“Red Dead Redemption 2” sets the sun on the last days of the outlaw in the epic trailer #3. But the gunslinger will not go quietly into the night.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been one to follow up news of delays with the positive polarity of teaser images …


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Dulani Wilson 30th Apr, 2018 Gaming

Santa Monica’s “God Of War ” is only the beginning in a planned slew of games for the series

God Of War‘s epic return to the gamersphere has been greatly anticipated, but the Santa Monica game will look to …


shadow of the tomb raider, square enix, lara croft, tomb raider, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, pyramids, eclipse, solar eclipse,eidos montreal, crystal dynamics
Dulani Wilson 28th Apr, 2018 Gaming

“Shadow of The Tomb Raider” heralds The End of The Beginning in new trailer

Lara Croft goes apocalypto in the latest trailer for the coming Eidos Montreal + Square Enix + Crystal Dynamics game …


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Dulani Wilson 23rd Apr, 2018 Gaming, Movie

“DOOM” is returning to the video game film arena

  Hope you all caught that awkward exchange between Dwayne Johnson, bragging about (supposedly) ending the video-game film curse with …


he-man, masters of the universe, dc comics, injustice, dc entertainment, tim seeley, injustice vs he-man
Dulani Wilson 17th Apr, 2018 Comics, Gaming

DC Comics announces crossover comic event with– He-Man?!

DC Comics has taken to the interweb to reveal a coming crossover event sure to raise a few eyebrows and …


aidan, trailer, the walking dead, 505 games, overkill's the walking dead, overkill software, starbreeze studios, aidan, skybound,the action pixel,entertainment on tap,maya
Dulani Wilson 11th Apr, 2018 Gaming

“Overkill’s The Walking Dead” new trailer introduces a new character – Maya

Overkill’s The Walking Dead follows up their last Aidan character trailer with their newest trailer featuring a new character on …


sam fisher, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, ghost recon, splinter cell, trailer , teaser, special operation
Dulani Wilson 10th Apr, 2018 Gaming

Sam Fisher brings Splinter Cell to a whole new arena – “Ghost Recon Wildlands”

Sam Fisher is back like a heart attack as Ubisoft releases the teaser trailer for – Ghost Recon Wildlands. So …


game informer , cover, alex ross, art, spider-man, spiderman, ps4, insomniac games, marvel , marvel entertainment, marvel games, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 5th Apr, 2018 Comics, Gaming

Spider-Man PS4 art from the legendary Alex Ross graces the cover of GameInformer

Following the release date news for Insomniac Games and Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 game, the cover of GameInformer features some awesome …


spider-man, marvel, marvel's spider-man,ps4,playstation 4, playstation, peter parker, demons, wilson fisk, fisk, king pin, gameplay trailer, e3 , e3 2017, electronic entertainment expo, marvel comics,the action pixel, entertainment on tap, insomniac games,
Dulani Wilson 4th Apr, 2018 Comics, Gaming

The “Spider-Man” PS4 game now officially has a release date and cool box art to match

Insomniac Games and Marvel have taken to the interweb to finally announce the release date of the coming Spider-Man PS4 …