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gamora cover art. The ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 15th Nov, 2014 Comics

Marvel to launch ‘Gamora’ series, writer Nicole Perlman reattached to the franchise

The most lethal woman in all the galaxies is set to be immortalised in her own series Gamora . This …


Darth Vader. The ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 15th Nov, 2014 Comics

Marvel announces “Darth Vader” series

Marvel, Disney and Lucasfilm is becoming one big boiling pot of gumbo with this latest project. Marvel has turned to …


Bitch Planet. Bitch Planet panel art. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 14th Nov, 2014 Comics

Welcome to “Bitch Planet”

With possibly the most bitching title in comic book history, Bitch Planet has recently landed like a violent neon fuschia-pink …


whaamTHE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 13th Nov, 2014 Comics

Lichtensteins took Heath’s Comic Art and made a fortune. So Heath told his story in comic art.

Roy Lichtenstein has been celebrated by art critics world wide and a somewhat permanent fixture in modern art. See he …


Dulani Wilson 12th Nov, 2014 Comics

DC Comics’ “Convergence” Exclusive Synopses and Artwork

DC Comics’ Convergence event is set to give a the DC universe a whole new lease of life. The DC …


cm punk becomes comic writer for Marvel. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 11th Nov, 2014 Comics

Marvel employs Ex-WWE wrestler as comic writer

Wrestling may be fake but this ex-WWE wrestler’s new job title isn’t. CM Punk, the once WWE star has a …


insufferable complete 3rd season: THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 10th Nov, 2014 Comics

Insufferable: The Complete 3rd Season

From the man who’s one half of the that brought us the classic Kingdom Come, brings us something insufferable. Insufferable …


Angoulême. THE ACTION PIXEL @theactionpixel
Dulani Wilson 8th Nov, 2014 Comics

Bill “Calvin & Hobbes” Watterson debuts new comic strip poster

Bill Watterson, has always been known to be a bit of a recluse and hasn’t been in the limelight since …


Dulani Wilson 8th Nov, 2014 Comics

Juana Knits The Planet

It is often said that the medium is as powerful as the message. As such, Claudia Puhlfürst has created a …


Dulani Wilson 7th Nov, 2014 Comics

Dan Dare

A blast from the past is about to shower us in a meteorite-like fashion with the reprinting of the ‘quintessentially …


Exclusive DC Comics 'Convergence' art by Carlo Pagulayan (pencils), Jose Marzan Jr. (inks) and Hi-Fi Colour (colors).
Dulani Wilson 6th Nov, 2014 Comics

DC Comic’s “Convergence”

DC Comics recently announced their plans to create a nine-week miniseries starting April 1 to May 2015 entitled Convergence. The …


Marvel / Attack On Titan crossover title
Dulani Wilson 5th Nov, 2014 Comics

The Marvel Universe is no safer than Titan

Marvel has headed to Manga and Anime Mecca. And no, it’s not another Logan movie, but this time the exodus …