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Dulani Wilson 24th Feb, 2018 Animation, Comics, TV

Marvel’s “Moon Girl And the Devil Dinosaur” animation project in the works at Disney

Marvel’s Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur is set to get the televisual treatment over on the Disney Channels Worldwide, …


marvel, comics, marvel comics,c.b. cebulski, marvel,eic, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, marvel, marvel comics,
Dulani Wilson 23rd Feb, 2018 Comics

Marvel Comics has a big 2018 planned

Marvel Comics is on the verge of changes in 2018, and the newly appointed editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski teases what fans …


batgirl, dc comics, barbara gordon, entertainment on tap, the action pixel
Dulani Wilson 22nd Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Batgirl’s wings clipped? Director Joss Whedon departs from the upcoming DC Comics + WB film

The DCU seemingly cannot catch a break. Joss Whedon, who has been particularly hyped about directing the upcoming Batgirl film, …


krypton ,poster, poster art, krypton, dc comics, syfy, superman, kal-el,the action pixel, entertainment on tap,brainiac, collector of worlds,
Dulani Wilson 22nd Feb, 2018 Comics, TV

SYFY + DC Comics “Krypton” TV series unleashes the first look image of The collector of worlds – Brainiac

Krypton has been putting in the work with recent displays of their poster art and trailer, but the latest fan …


Dulani Wilson 22nd Feb, 2018 Comics, TV

The madness ensues with a new teaser for FX’s “Legion” Season 2

Legion sparked many of our interests and was the first sign of the budding ‘relationship’ betwixt FOX and Marvel. Now …


david tennant, jessica jones, the purple man, kilgrave, jessica jones 2, jessica jones season 2, krysten ritter, netflix,marvel, marvel comics,marvel entertainment,jessica jones season 2
Dulani Wilson 21st Feb, 2018 Comics, TV

Jessica Jones has a sure fire way of dealing with her problems in a new “Jessica Jones” Season 2 trailer

Marvel + Netflix dig in and press on in their second run of the gifted but troubled PI that is …


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Dulani Wilson 19th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie, Reviews

#TAPReviews | “Black Panther”

Marvel Studios has been at the forefront of the comic book film genre for over a decade. That is a …


avengers, avengers: no surrender, the action pixel, marvel, marvel comics, entertainment on tap, rogue, quicksilver, thor, captain america, 684, the hulk, hulk
Dulani Wilson 18th Feb, 2018 Comics

“Avengers: No Surrender” teaser trailer goes gamma with the return of the Hulk

Marvel Comics unveils a teaser trailer for the coming comic book series Avengers: No Surrender, and the big green mean …


batman,ninja,dc comics, dc entertainment , the action pixel, entertainment on tap,poster, trailer, poster
Dulani Wilson 14th Feb, 2018 Animation, Comics

“Batman Ninja” unleashes a new trailer for the English version

The Dark Knight get’s feudal in the new English Language trailer for the coming DC anime – Batman Ninja . …


deadpool, deadpool 2,deadpool 2, entertainment on tap,deadpool, deadpool 2, marvel, 20th century fox, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,poster,teaser, wet on wet,
Dulani Wilson 13th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Ryan Reynolds offers up a birthday gift for Josh Brolin in the most 4th-wall-breaking Deadpool way

Deadpool’s recent obsession with art can’t be overlooked. From his Wet on Wet promo, his set design in the Cable …


lobo ,michael bay, dc comics, jason fuchs, wb pictures, warner bros entertainment , warner bros,the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 9th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

Michael Bay may very well be directing DC’s “Lobo” movie

The Lobo film may have a director attached. Rumours were circulating around earlier across the interweb, but The Hollywood Reporter …


poster, trailer, tom hardy, venom, spider-man, spin-off, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,sony pictures
Dulani Wilson 8th Feb, 2018 Comics, Movie

“Venom” unleashes its first trailer, and Eddie Brock has caught something nasty…

Venom teased the arrival of something sinister yesterday, and now we have a first look at the teaser trailer for …