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Dulani Wilson 4th Sep, 2017 Animation, Comics, TV

“American Horror Story: Cult” gets Twisty twisted with motion comic

With all the horror-filled nightmares we are about to endure this year with the likes of IT hitting cinemas, American …


star wars rebels , Season 4, the action pixel, disney, lucasfilm, disney xd, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,
Dulani Wilson 2nd Sep, 2017 Animation, Movie

“Star Wars Rebels” is looking to end its Season 4 finale with a bang in second new trailer

Lucasfilm brings all the hype with their second trailer for the season finale of Star Wars Rebels. And we all …


godzilla, gozilla: monster planet, monster planet, anime, the action pixel,entertainment on tap,trailer,poster
Dulani Wilson 17th Aug, 2017 Animation, TV

New “Godzilla: Monster Planet” anime trailer + poster has the last of Mankind brazenly bringing the fight to the King of Monsters

Toho Animation + Polygon Pictures amps up the carnage by unleashing on the masses a new poster and trailer of …


batman vs two-face, animation, wb animation, dvd, bluray, adam west, william shatner, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,dc comics, dc entertainment ,
Dulani Wilson 14th Aug, 2017 Animation, Comics

“Batman Vs. Two-Face” trailer features William Shatner and Adam West’s last performance as the ‘Bright Knight’

It feels like the end of an era as WB Animation release details of Batman VS. Two-Face, which features the …


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Dulani Wilson 26th Jul, 2017 Animation, TV

The Simpsons’ Matt Groening is teaming up with Netflix on a new animated series

Matt Groening may be a living legend in animation circle having spearheaded the greatest animation series of all time – …


spider man, disney, marvel, disney xd, sneak peek, preview, peter parker, scorpion, nyc subway, the action pixel, entertainment on,origin 2, origin, peter parker
Dulani Wilson 26th Jul, 2017 Animation, Comics, TV

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” gives us Part 2 of Peter Parker’s origin story

Disney XD follows up their Part 1 Origin story of Marvel’s Spider-Man animated series with another short – Part 2. …


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Dulani Wilson 26th Jul, 2017 Animation, Gaming, TV

Netflix’s “Castlevania” Season 2 is Greenlit

Castlevania Season 1, albeit a very short four episodic season, seems to have left a good impression on Netflix bosses …


voltron, season 3, the action pixel, entertainment on tap,season 3,dreamworks animation,dreamworks
Dulani Wilson 24th Jul, 2017 Animation, TV

“Voltron: Legendary Defender” Season 3 is bereft of a black lion in new teaser trailer

Voltron has been a surprise treat since its premiere on Netflix. Now with Season 3 on the horizon, we have …


colin firth, kingsman, the golden circle, kingsman, the golden circle, kingsman 2, kingsman the golden circle, kingsman: the golden circle, eggsy, entertainment on tap, the action pixel, eggsy,fxx,fx, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, sterling archer,
Dulani Wilson 20th Jul, 2017 Animation, Comics, Movie

“Kingsman: the Golden Circle” promo has Archer Sterling teaching Eggsy a lesson in Binge drinking. We didn’t say it was a good lesson – morally or plan-wise

With the Kingsman: the Golden Circle second trailer making its round on the internet, it’s evident Eggsy’s got a handle …


rick and morty, rick, adult swim, the action pixel, cartoon network
Dulani Wilson 16th Jul, 2017 Animation

“Rick and Morty” Exquisite Corpse simulates what your egg would look like on drugs

Things get real trippy (more so than usual) in the latest promo for Rick And Morty. And like all of …


little witch academia, bandai Namco, bandai namco entertainment , chamber of time, little witch academia: chamber of time, trailer, announce trailer, akko
Dulani Wilson 12th Jul, 2017 Animation, Gaming

Bandai Namco is set to bewitch anime fans with announcement of “Little Witch Academia: Chamber Of Time”

Bandai Namco has unleased an announce trailer for an upcoming game title based on the Little Witch Academia – Little …


halo legends, halo , 343 industries, the action pixel, entertainment on tap, vod,
Dulani Wilson 9th Jul, 2017 Animation, Gaming

“Halo: Legends” animated shorts is slated to come to VOD platforms

Halo: Legends – arguably the greatest animations based on the Halo Franchise ever released via 343 Industries is finally coming …