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Dulani Wilson 22nd Oct, 2014 Animation

“Mike Tyson Mysteries” Preview Screener

Tyson in the 80’s. Seeing him in the ring was the special kind of events paramount to seeing Halley’s Comet …


Mr Pickles @ TheActionPixel
Dulani Wilson 22nd Oct, 2014 Animation

Mr. Pickles: An Exorcise in Futility

Whatever happened to the good ol’ days where Lassy was that helpful dog that could guide you to save little …


Shinichiro Watanabe's Space Dandy @theactionpixel .com
Dulani Wilson 20th Oct, 2014 Animation

“Space Dandy” Feature Animation?

We love outer space. It’s what we dreamed about since “landing” on the moon. Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien (ok, …


Afro Samurai
Dulani Wilson 19th Oct, 2014 Animation

Afro Samurai

You know the saying that goes something like “if one seeks revenge, dig two graves?” Well, for Afro Samurai, he …


bojack horseman @
Dulani Wilson 16th Oct, 2014 Animation

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman has it’s moments. It’s the kind of off-beat humour that will have you chuckling one minute and then …


Dulani Wilson 12th Oct, 2014 Animation

Disney, Sony Animation and Dreamworks face lawsuit over wage-fixing and unpaid royalties

Disney, Dreamworks and Sony are in the news and under fire. Yet again. This time, the heat comes from the …


Dulani Wilson 12th Oct, 2014 Animation, Comics, Gaming

Virtual Tour of the Batcave

The Dark Knight’s has always been a recluse. But of course, he needs time away from the public to do …


Dulani Wilson 11th Oct, 2014 Animation, Comics

Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series

I’m sure all you fans populating the New York Comic Con have totally started spazzing out after hearing getting so …


Dulani Wilson 11th Oct, 2014 Animation

Animator vs. Animation IV

Animation, even the ‘simple’ ones, are a long, tedious process. 25 frames per second. 24 frames if you like even …


Dulani Wilson 9th Oct, 2014 Animation

Kill La Kill: A serious look into Obedience and Conformity

Kill La Kill doesn’t care if you are not prepared to view high-octane anime antics from the jump-off. Explosive, fast …


Dulani Wilson 7th Oct, 2014 Animation

Microsoft and Adobe unleash an ‘Animal’

It seems Apple’s stropping words against Adobe’s Flash plugin and its questioned place in the future of internet multi-media may …


Dulani Wilson 6th Oct, 2014 Animation

Run The Jewels’ “Run The Jewels”

Killer Mike and El-P are no strangers to the world of underground rap. Killer Mike, best known for his suave, …